Squint Limited rocks!

This is not the typical company you would think to buy your nursery furniture BUT… wait till you see them! An amazing collection of premium quality, bespoke, hand-crafted exuberant furniture and home accessories is waiting for you… Squint is the creation of Lisa Whatmough, who through her passion for textiles and with a very British design … Continue reading

xo -in my room {you ROCK!}

xo-in my room is probably one of the coolest brands for kids furniture. I mean it! This amazing company is the outcome of the venture between three brothers. The elder one is the creative mind, the middle one is in charge of the logistics and the youngest brother is the craftsman! What a combo! As they are … Continue reading

Old fashioned and nostalgic love!

We may usually present you modern furniture and design objects but we are certainly amazed by all handmade, unique, and old fashioned pieces as well! It’s like a nice link with the past that is similar to traditional fairy tales and songs. An everlasting love! The mix of modern and old fashioned style seems also … Continue reading

Practical & in style!

London is home to a variety of new designers that work out of  small but powerful studios and rely on the inspiration of their friends to make amazing work! We recently discovered Robert Barnby who has designed a line of smart of miniature tables and chairs/stools for the wee ones –  they transform the room … Continue reading

A Room With A Rug!

Most of the times the rug or carpet of a room is there to complement the furniture, to offer a neutral warmth, or to simply heat the soles of your feet! Not these rugs! These rugs are the main attraction of the room! You will find yourself decorating the nursery or room around one of … Continue reading

Lucky Sunday!

Usually Sundays (and some Mondays) are depressing… Thank goodness that for Camilla & Camilla this was the motivation needed for luckyboysunday which is full of beautiful toys, pillows and intricate designed items…. We like we like we like we love we love we love! Their new collection has a majestic atmospheric aura that projects such … Continue reading

Oh My Baby!

Many of my friends have just had babies these past months.  It has been a sweet and magical time! So naturally…I have babies on my mind! I went online to see if there have been any major changes in baby paraphernalia lately.  I was delightfully impressed! We absolutely adore this modern twist on a classical … Continue reading

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, kids played with nice wooden rocking horses and they would have a fantastic time!  By playing with them, they would transform themselves into knights, princesses that would ride to the castles in search of their crowns, pirates, simple villagers, Don Quixote, and many more that they could dream about…    Then … Continue reading

Just Pull Up A Chair!

We are decorating our new house now so I am obviously in a furniture-frenzy!  I go to people’s home and stare at their furniture…I see catalogs at the doctor’s office and can’t leave without flipping through the whole thing…I window shop every opportunity I get… So, it goes without saying how much time I spend … Continue reading

Emotional furniture?

A new concept of furniture is on the rise! This furniture “promises” to interact emotionally with you and your kids… Emotional furniture that is! These can be used as lounge chairs, that can be hugged, layed on in order to have a relaxed moment, and transformed to almost anything you choose…. Just name it! This product is so new that it can be … Continue reading

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