The New Class List!

Every year we dread it, but every year we need it!  Those cute, stylish, unique back-to-school items that will make you bear the class list supply craziness! And although each year we (both of us at least) promise that we will get to earlier…we run around the last minute to gather them up! So here’s … Continue reading

A Baby Mat For All Places!

Last week *hoolaboola was invited to the Biggest Baby Shower hosted by Big City Moms of New York. And what an evening! To find out more check out read here. One of the new products that intrigued us was Oshi Mat. A mom in search for a safe alternative to dirty blankets on baby classes … Continue reading

10 picks: Boys’ school shoes

And this week, it’s boys’ turn! We found the best for them! 1) Minnetonka Love! A new classic… 2) Adorable saddle shoes – for the days for something special 3) Tiny Toms – for all sizes and in all colors (and for a very good cause!) 4) Velcro magic in peacock blue by VEJA 5) Black … Continue reading

10 picks: Girls’ school shoes

Now that autumn has arrived, we sadly packed all the fun flips-fop, cute sandals and water shoes for the year. But don’t dread! Fall shoes can also be fun, wacky and festive – even ones for school! Here are our favorites: School shoes for girl preschoolers and kids ($100 and under): 1. Sleek Umi versatility– … Continue reading

London Love

As you might know, half of hoolaboola (Monica) lives and writes from New York.  The other half (Elena) is now living and writing from London! A major change that will give us many more ideas and new discoveries! The first thing that came strongly in our lives is the fact that it can rain at any moment!  … Continue reading

“ A r g a l l i o s ” installation from *Kollektivemind @Chania, Greece

Argallios by Kollektivemind* is  a public, interactive installation that took place in the island of Crete. With the help of students, teachers, parents and citizens of Chania, some 2100 recyclable plastic water bottles were gathered, cleaned, painted and placed on the fence of the 7th Primary School to create a colorful pattern based on traditional … Continue reading

Bring Out Your Social Toddler In You!

Holidays are now safely over and forgotten! As fun and exciting as they were, most moms will agree with me that there’s a certain reassurance now that they are over. ‘Back to normal’ has its benefits! In light of returning to our schedules and looking forward to second semester, we found this amazing website that … Continue reading

Off-the-Wall Green…

Everywhere I look I see white nowadays!  The trees, the yard, the cars, the houses are all covered in a blanket of white. No greenery whatsoever. Not inside (not my house at least!), not outside. So I’m feeling a little nostalgic for the ole green plant! Problem is that many of us are either really … Continue reading

Homework for moms!

Ι have a new project for you moms! I have found some super yummy stickers designed by we love to illustrate for children, a team of talented illustrators with excellent works. You can download them for free and use them for books, notebooks, etc. for a wide range of ages (or even for yourself!). Start … Continue reading

Never lose me!

In our household, the children lose approximately 4-5 jackets/sweaters a year, 5-6 sippy cups/water bottles per month, and 127-2,000 pencils/pens per day! This year I am determined to do something about it!  I’m going to label… I was ready to get out my handy – yet stylishly incompetent Sharpie – and personalize each & every … Continue reading

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