Vivre les Enfants!

There are some places that are made out of love for something and certainly not for the money! One of them is Bramble Corner where you will find traditional toys, gifts and games for children of all ages, and where parents will remember such classic toys and games from their own childhood. You will find it in … Continue reading

My tree and Me!

When you first start a family, we begin to really think about your roots…where you come from, what’s in your past, who were your ancestors… You ponder and wonder about all that happened in the past, all that is happening in the present and future and try to classify them in your mind and heart. … Continue reading

A contemporary twist on vintage charm..

Belle & Boo is a company that was created by Mandy Sutcliffe and it produces really nice picture frames, pillows, various small items, and a few unique clothes (so yummy that you want to eat them!) Simple drawings that transform well-designed children’s stories to dreamy images.  A fantastic combination of vintage-like clothes and contemporary perception … Continue reading

Lets have a picnic today!

What’s better than having a family picnic at a park, now that spring starts to treat us nicely with sunny days? hmmm… maybe a few other things but lets just focus on the picnic issue! Picnics can be such fun because kids can play, friends can join, food doesn’t have to be gourmet-made <some sandwiches … Continue reading

Hanging Art!

How great would it be for your baby to receive its first stimuli through art? Instead of the usual animals and flowers that hang over the cribs, how about having mobiles that are designed as references to art from Miro or Magritte and many other famous artists? See them here:  flensted-mobiles See them here:  flensted-mobiles

A Garden sent through the Post Office!

The Post Office is slowly losing its meaning of existence…. Different types of communication have replaced the good-old letters and stamps. But how wonderful does it feel when you find an envelope or a postcard addressed to you in your mailbox among the many advertising flyers for pizza delivery and catalogues. I have found the … Continue reading

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