The {best} Nursery Paint!

The mom and founder behind The Nursery Paint Company is Helen Thomson. She explains to us how she came up with this amazing company: “While I was pregnant with my first child, Fletcher, I knew that, more than any other time in my life, I wanted to use the purest things I could. So, not only … Continue reading

Scandinavian LOVE!

We are big fans of Scandinavian design and recently came accross Nordic Elements. Here’s how they present themselves to us: “At Nordic Elements we offer a great choice of products for the design conscious family. The majority of our collection is sourced in Scandinavia from a unique selection of companies with focus on design, quality … Continue reading

The world at your feet baby!

A super architect and designer, Emily Fischer, created a wonderful line of fabrics,  quilts for babies  that depict maps of the biggest cities of the world! The designs of hapticlab are inspired from the time of the designer’s life when her mother started losing her eyesight….they are inspiring, creative, aesthetically acute and so baby-friendly! Your … Continue reading

We love project night night!

An incredible idea! Project Night Night was founded with the simple belief that every child deserves a good night’s sleep. Since its inception, the organization has provided thousands of Night Night Packages to children across the country and has emerged as a leading provider of nighttime comforts for homeless children. So for every donation they … Continue reading

Live. Breathe. Create. Bloom!

 Kat West, one more inspired mom, has started a wonderful little company called Babylady Inc.  She has created a collection that combines simplicity and uniqueness.        She gives special attention to every little detail of the clothes she produces and at the same time adds various handmade elements to her creations!  Her vision is: “We … Continue reading

Polka love!

Polka brand brings Aztec and tribal influences in super stylish clothes and pijamas for babies and older kids.      Dressing up – both Boys and Girls  – with unexpected combinations, colors, patterns and accessories!           Great mix ? It’s getting better if you have a look at the site!

Green Thumbs up for AppleCheeks!

Why cloth diapers? That’s an excellent question! After reading the “why page” in AppleCheeks’ brilliant site let me give you a synopsis: Well, first of all You are saving 300 lbs of wood (That’s because it takes that many trees to produce enough diapers to throwaway-diaper one child) You’re helping to slow the growth of … Continue reading

So you say there is a stylish bib that can contribute to humanity?

Oh yes there is! A wonderful woman has started this company with the most colorful pieces ever! She created the “Matt Tunno MAKE A DIFFERENCE FUND” after she lost her little brother… With many Hollywood celebrities as fans and promoters, she has managed to expand the business to a big success.  Let’s bring together bibs, … Continue reading

Hanging Art!

How great would it be for your baby to receive its first stimuli through art? Instead of the usual animals and flowers that hang over the cribs, how about having mobiles that are designed as references to art from Miro or Magritte and many other famous artists? See them here:  flensted-mobiles See them here:  flensted-mobiles

Emotional furniture?

A new concept of furniture is on the rise! This furniture “promises” to interact emotionally with you and your kids… Emotional furniture that is! These can be used as lounge chairs, that can be hugged, layed on in order to have a relaxed moment, and transformed to almost anything you choose…. Just name it! This product is so new that it can be … Continue reading

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