Wool Fabrique {J’ adore}

Wool Fabrique is an amazing new company that was created by artist/designer Maya Bekto, a mum of two. Maya designs lovely colorful wool carpets, baskets, cushions and accessories that will be the spotlight of your nursery (and not only). I’m completely in love with the colour combinations she creates. The company is very new and upcoming so you … Continue reading

We LOVE Uncle Goose!

Uncle Goose is a small group of craftspeople and artisans that have combined their unique ideas and talents to make an amazing series of handmade wooden blocks! You will find blocks in foreign languages, Nursery Rhyme, Braille ABC with Sign Language, and a lot more! We loved it mostly because of the love and sensitivity they … Continue reading

DEGLINGOS – animalos molto funnios!-

Here are the loveable Deglingos (pronounced  deh-GLING-goes !) that are making us giddy! They are a unique line of quirky characters that have their own language consisting of words that end in -os! Designed in France, their basic idea is to provide multiple sensory stimulations by combining 50 different fabrics to form an array of … Continue reading

Back to school!

I have such fond memories of this time of year…. Every September, when I was little  we would buy school supplies, fall clothes, and all the “stuff” we found necessary to start the year… I would carefully place all my pencils in color-coordinated order in my brand-new pencil case and smell the new-eraser aroma…aahhhh… My … Continue reading

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