About us

Our little story:

Elena started the *hoolaboola in 2010, both the greek and english version by collecting info from all over the world regarding the relationship between kids, design, architecture etc.

After a year, Monica joined *hoolaboola as a partner & co-publisher after they both realized how much they loved reading, researching and learning about new, modern, upcoming, green, artisan designers in the children’s world.

Here they are now: To share their best finds with you! 


 Elena Tsoka    

With many years of experience in one of the most prestigious architectural offices in Greece, heading both the Creative and PR Departments, Elena managed to explore her skills in many sectors of the business, which includes among other things design presentations, graphics, book editing , logo design, video imaging, etc.  This experience has led to the completion of many successful projects for a wide variety of clients. Now she lives in London and is part of a company with unique Children’s furniture: Anaiza which is about creating long lasting pieces that would stay in our families for many generations to come.

“Architecture, design,  poems, friends, & music and my family rule my world in a way that they blend with each other and make a shell in which I love living in!”

Monica Dreger    

Monica has been working in the Marketing sector for the past million years.  She has touched base in Advertising, Research, Marketing, Media, as well as many personal online ventures.

As a self-proclaimed nomad and lover of the world, she took her sky miles and put them to use with her online baby global boutique, Culture Baby.  However, when her three kids are safe & sound asleep (ok…the ‘sound’ part is an exaggeration!), she blogs her heart’s content away..!

As with Elena, her repressed creativity came alive during the birth of her first child (creating the decorations for her room, designing baby outfits, etc).

Teaming up with Elena, they vowed never to let their creativity be silenced again…


For everything you may want to ask , review or suggest, email us at: hoolaboolablog@gmail.com

Would love to hear from you!

4 Responses to “About us”
  1. Sol Saltiel says:

    Great job Monica!!!

  2. Angie Festas says:

    Great, great job girls! You are so inspiring! How do you manage everything…and everyone? Congratulations!

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