The {best} Nursery Paint!

The mom and founder behind The Nursery Paint Company is Helen Thomson.

She explains to us how she came up with this amazing company:

“While I was pregnant with my first child, Fletcher, I knew that, more than any other time in my life, I wanted to use the purest things I could. So, not only did I eat organically and use natural skincare products, I also wanted my baby’s nursery to be a haven of tranquillity. This is where I struck a problem.

We had moved house 6 weeks before the birth of our little boy, so needed to find something for me to paint the nursery with, and quick! As most of you will know from reading any baby advice books, blogs or magazines, the paint that you decorate with can be a real problem. Not only for a pregnant lady decorating, due to breathing in all the chemical laden fumes, but long after the paint has dried the paint will still emit harmful chemicals in your child’s room.

To buy a VOC filled paint simply wasn’t an option for me and my unborn child, and I struggled to find what I was looking for, which was a VOC free paint. Eventually, I found a natural paint (abroad) that was ok, but I really wanted a high quality finish with more inspiring colours to choose from, as well as being sustainable and antibacterial. A tall ask, I know!! So “Enough is enough” I said, in my new motherlike tones and -taa daaa- with magic waves of hands, The Nursery Paint Company evolved.

We have created the very first Nursery Paint Range that is Natural (made from Soya Beans), VOC Free (safe while pregnant and for years to come) and Anti Bacterial (kills 99.9% of any known pathogens). Tick, tick and tick!! “

And they have chosen lovely names too that will inspire you to chose. We have picked our favourites today (which was a very hard task, I’m telling you 🙂

favouritesRows of paint tins  Grandad's Shed, Hello Tiger, Milk Time Whisper%20and%20My%20Little%20Buttercup Her%20Sunday%20Best%20detail Dear%20Little%20Thing Her%20Sunday%20Best%20with%20Shelf My%20Little%20Buttercup Once%20Upon%20a%20Time%20and%20Curds%20&%20Whey Walk%20in%20the%20Park Sweet%20Dreams Ga%20Ga%20Grey


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