Especially for our Little Scamps!

Two very talented sisters, Stacey and Jennifer, became even more talented (and busy!) when they became moms! They created the company scampbabygifts which sells exclusively handmade treasures for our little ones. You can order most things personalized too…. We love their great selection, their creativity and their flair for detail! Check out the wide array … Continue reading

TGI Friday {5}

Sweet Friday! Saying goodbye to winter also mean saying goodbye to an afternoon hot tea break in our households! So here’s to one last spring high time favorite! Along with the essentials, the mandatory {but oh so cute} towels from todryfor. …..With milk and sugar please! One nice idea for the end of a hectic, … Continue reading

Get the LOOK: Sunshine

We can almost feel, smell and taste the summer air! Since we are both obsessed with summer (one because she has so much of it lately and one because she is drowning in rain), we wanted to introduce sunshine to the most fun room of the house: your kids room! After searching numerous amazingly sweet … Continue reading

10 picks:Flip Flop { girls }

The girls turn! (For the boys picks look here).  We found our favorite girls flip flops for all ages and styles! We love the versatility, comfort, price and never-ending style of a flip flop! No cleanliness hassles for moms and no buttons, laces, straps…for kids! Win-win! 1. little miss matched 2. classic havaianas 4.ugg-australia … Continue reading

TGI Friday {4}

Friday is here so we are in the mood for a few smiles! A garden makes us both smile! Elena can plant, Monica can…..ummmm admire! A “garden” can be a merely few pots with herbs  – whatever is green and fills your heart and lungs! Truth is, there is a certain magic in planting your … Continue reading

Wonderful Women: Kat West

–  Tell us a little about yourself / your background- where did you grow up, what did you do before babylady, etc.   I was born in the Philippines, and grew up in Brooklyn, was raised in an artistic family, my grandfather was an oil painter, my mother is a soft toy designer, and all of … Continue reading

Get the LOOK: PINK

Today we are going to show you ideas for the perfect pink room! Pink is a tricky color that can easily become overwhelming…so we suggest creating an accent wall (paint only one); we love cranberry ice 1362 of Benjamin Moore and then can use complimentary colors of beige or brown like  AF-175 Barrista and HC-81 … Continue reading

10 picks: flip flops {boys}

Because it seems boys never get special attention when it comes for fashion, we are starting our flip flop series with the BOYS selections! Flip flops are staples of summer fun so we picked the ones that we found to be the most fun, practical and cute! Enjoy!            oldnavy gymboree piperlime … Continue reading

TGI Friday {3}

Here we are again! Friday!! We have decided to relax on Fridays and celebrate the weekend with random pictures, ideas and inspirations! So sit back, enjoy and smile…. Gather all your  “to-do-lists”  in one spot in the house and transform them into an art statement! How? Well, see some ideas here! One (more) reason we … Continue reading

Get the LOOK: Summer

As the weather warms up….all we can think about is summer fun! So this week we present you with nursery ideas full of summer flair!  This room is especially for those who love the ocean and would love to transport it to their home in some way! These ideas work in a bedroom or a … Continue reading

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