BLABLA means nothing and everything!

A great collection of clothes, toys, bags, blankets and so much more! The made us smile a little more today! The company is called blabla and is full of handmade creations made from natural fibers of Peru that make them especially soft & cuddly! All items are knitted by Peruvian artisans… Their whole site and … Continue reading

A Room With A Rug!

Most of the times the rug or carpet of a room is there to complement the furniture, to offer a neutral warmth, or to simply heat the soles of your feet! Not these rugs! These rugs are the main attraction of the room! You will find yourself decorating the nursery or room around one of … Continue reading

DEGLINGOS – animalos molto funnios!-

Here are the loveable Deglingos (pronounced  deh-GLING-goes !) that are making us giddy! They are a unique line of quirky characters that have their own language consisting of words that end in -os! Designed in France, their basic idea is to provide multiple sensory stimulations by combining 50 different fabrics to form an array of … Continue reading

Plush + Art + Heart = Stuf

We came across this little art toy with a big heart! First we liked them because these little plush toys & pillows are ADORABLE! Then, we loved them because we learned that they share a portion of their profit to designated charities. Each collection is thematically connected to an appropriate charity! There’s the Bird Stuf … Continue reading

My tree and Me!

When you first start a family, we begin to really think about your roots…where you come from, what’s in your past, who were your ancestors… You ponder and wonder about all that happened in the past, all that is happening in the present and future and try to classify them in your mind and heart. … Continue reading

Last chance: Love is in the air!

We know. This “holiday” is a blend of sweet adoration and classic capitalism. We try to stick to the theory of Valentine – a commemoration of love and affection. Since we don’t like to capitalize on this affection, we found a great way to “celebrate” without spending money! Because we can’t resist a little of … Continue reading

Caramel love!

Children’s clothes have one idiosyncrasy! You can’t use them over 6 months because either they outgrow them (our wee ones) or they ruin them (our loveable toddlers) or they lose them (yes…you with a school aged-kid knows what we are talking about!). Kids clothes need to be soft and comfortable yet practical and durable! Hmmmm… … Continue reading

Knit Your Way To Happiness!

Winter is still going strong! So although I would love to  fantasize about wearing cute sandals and chic tunics, the truth is I am bundled up in layers and layers of clothes! So, although my kids and I look like miniature snowmen…we can’t help but try to spice things up! And along came this absolutely … Continue reading

Μy vintage room!

Kids rooms with a touch of vintage can transform a plain room into a magical one with minimum effort. So easy to love! We found many vintage pieces on our beloved etsy that can make any room unique. Many of these… you might even find in your own home (or your grandparents) while dusting away … Continue reading

Lucky Sunday!

Usually Sundays (and some Mondays) are depressing… Thank goodness that for Camilla & Camilla this was the motivation needed for luckyboysunday which is full of beautiful toys, pillows and intricate designed items…. We like we like we like we love we love we love! Their new collection has a majestic atmospheric aura that projects such … Continue reading

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