Daddy Cool!

Yes, we know… Mothers often monopolize the title of  shoppers… But when it comes to their babies, we find more and more that “dads have a shopping soul too “! Sunday “dad-takes-over” walks with a stroller filled with cutesy bags full of bottles, food, toys, clothes….can’t be easy on them! Thankfully, someone thought of them … Continue reading

Socks that Rock!

We are so excited about all these cute socks! A picture is worth a thousand words….no more words needed! Yummy! For boys, for girls, for little ones, for not-so little ones -they are all fantastic! The same site also has delicious shoes, accessories, t-shirts, and so much more. {Trumpette is the original Maryjane sock!} You … Continue reading

Bring Out Your Social Toddler In You!

Holidays are now safely over and forgotten! As fun and exciting as they were, most moms will agree with me that there’s a certain reassurance now that they are over. ‘Back to normal’ has its benefits! In light of returning to our schedules and looking forward to second semester, we found this amazing website that … Continue reading

Colorful Wrapping!

Both of us at *hoolaboola love to travel and take every opportunity we can to roam the world!  In order to continue to be the adventurous globe-trotters that we desire, as parents we had to make some adjustments…to say the least! One of the early-must do adjustments was to find an easy, yet chic way … Continue reading

La Bomba!

Two young Cypriots (Aris Kyriakidis  & Chara Adamidou) created a unique line of eco-friendly clothes that are also fun and fashionable! We adore them! And they are affordable….and they ship worldwide. Click on their site bombadesign and you will see what we are talking about! We love the fact that they are young, that they … Continue reading

Create, Play, Recycle!

We are so happy to see that green solutions for clothes and toys are popping up more and more! We have made it a goal of our to showcase everything with “great greeness” that we find!  So for past ideas look here. And looking forward we will continue to make that a priority! We came … Continue reading

Off-the-Wall Green…

Everywhere I look I see white nowadays!  The trees, the yard, the cars, the houses are all covered in a blanket of white. No greenery whatsoever. Not inside (not my house at least!), not outside. So I’m feeling a little nostalgic for the ole green plant! Problem is that many of us are either really … Continue reading

Meet the Ids!

Let us introduce you to three new characters who are up to no good! Litter Bug throws garbage everywhere and makes a mess wherever she goes, Notmee never admits he’s wrong and always thinks others are to blame and, Gimmee never shares or lets others play with his toys – not even his best friend!… … Continue reading

Koi Fish & Dresses Galore…!

My daughter does not like dresses. I do. That two facts compose of 99% of our daily “arguments”. She is six…so I know that I have a LONG way ahead of me! So I periodically roam the web looking for things that would appease my girlie-longing yet also help alleviate my daughter’s disdain for anything … Continue reading

Academy awards, Grammy awards, and now… Cribsie awards!

A really cool idea is floating around the web and I think you will want to take a part in it! A-list Mom (formerly Mamaista) and Stroller Traffic have joined to create The Cribsie Awards. You can go online here and vote for your favorite products, services, brands or website (wink-wink). They are several … Continue reading

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