Snooze my little baby!

We all know that babies calm down, yet get very attached to their blankies, binkies, fuzzies…and/or any piece of fabric that offers them a sense of security and familiarity. At the same time, these soft materials excite and exercise their senses, their fine motor skills and their ability to discover the perception of touch and … Continue reading

A mobile to kiss!

We have found some really interesting  and unique designs in the past regarding mobiles that hang over your tiny baby’s crib. Now, however, we presenting you with these airy sculptured-like mobiles that can hang from their beds even when they are not so tiny anymore…. Look at these beautifully designed wooden shapes that resemble dreamy … Continue reading

The world at your feet baby!

A super architect and designer, Emily Fischer, created a wonderful line of fabrics,  quilts for babies  that depict maps of the biggest cities of the world! The designs of hapticlab are inspired from the time of the designer’s life when her mother started losing her eyesight….they are inspiring, creative, aesthetically acute and so baby-friendly! Your … Continue reading

The Power of Paper!

Although I am a techno-geek, I still love writing things down on paper. The clutching of the pencil on my hand, the crinkling sound of paper, the feeling of slight palpitation while writing…all get me excited!  I try to do all my personal organization on paper: grocery lists, chore lists, personal e-mail lists, etc. In … Continue reading

Crack & Grow Eggs!

Stocking stuffer alert!  We totally love these little cute eggs! Little porcelain eggs… some with eyes, some with different colors, some with legs…but all with little surprises inside filled with flowers or herbs! A true green friend to keep you company in the house!  And more importantly a great way to introduce plants to your … Continue reading

I ♥ heart ♥ Scandinavia ♥

The more I look and learn about designs, I more I realize I really like the Scandinavian composition.  They are simple, clean, modern and for the most part green yet highly functional. And stepping aside from the Ikea stereotype (which I also love…) they are of the highest quality furniture around. Some of my most … Continue reading

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