Polka love!

Polka brand brings Aztec and tribal influences in super stylish clothes and pijamas for babies and older kids.      Dressing up – both Boys and Girls  – with unexpected combinations, colors, patterns and accessories!           Great mix ? It’s getting better if you have a look at the site!

Chair in the bag! Oh yeah!

Convenient. Functional. Safe. Simple. The simplicity and timelessness of a stylish tie.  The Tie Chair™ is an all fabric infant seat.  Tie Chair can be used from the time the infant can sit up on its own, which is usually about 6 months old, until around two years old. During this lengthy amount of time we … Continue reading

Pattern love!

Super cute organic cotton pieces that amazed us! Nice color combinations with a boho-hippy twist and exceptional pattern mix! You will find baby stuff, bags, dresses cushions and toys that will make you smile! Here!       

A Nellystella Star is born!

“Nelly Chen channels her fanciful creativity and exquisite attention to detail to create imaginative looks based on daydreams of what she had always wanted to wear as a child! Each collection is a culmination of personal joy for Nelly: she selects the finest materials, designs each garment,and draws her signature prints by hand.” This is a … Continue reading

Dolls are not only for girls!

Finally, the taboo that “dolls are for girls” can be reversed! Artist Shannon Jefferson is the mind behind the warm sugar, a company we LOVE! She takes great care in the details that make every doll special and unique. Each doll is made in her home studio, where she has collected many years worth of … Continue reading

Not the usual ones!

Usually very girlish and pinkish things may be quite boring at times or not so “ funky”!  Well… Not here!   Amazing petite tutu skirts that impress are here!                ” Princess Ratbag is inspired by the two daughters of the owner – the Princess and the Ratbag! –   It is also … Continue reading

Lets have a picnic today!

What’s better than having a family picnic at a park, now that spring starts to treat us nicely with sunny days? hmmm… maybe a few other things but lets just focus on the picnic issue! Picnics can be such fun because kids can play, friends can join, food doesn’t have to be gourmet-made <some sandwiches … Continue reading

Chic Handmade Little Shoes!

Super Cute clothes that you just want to buy them all! Important note: Finally, there are cute things not only for girls but for our little boys too! Spring designs, colors and super cute matching shoes that will amaze you! Check them here : littlechillies <a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/1693657/hoolaboola?claim=mqqduy39tz2″>Follow my blog with bloglovin</a>

Green Thumbs up for AppleCheeks!

Why cloth diapers? That’s an excellent question! After reading the “why page” in AppleCheeks’ brilliant site let me give you a synopsis: Well, first of all You are saving 300 lbs of wood (That’s because it takes that many trees to produce enough diapers to throwaway-diaper one child) You’re helping to slow the growth of … Continue reading

So you say there is a stylish bib that can contribute to humanity?

Oh yes there is! A wonderful woman has started this company with the most colorful pieces ever! She created the “Matt Tunno MAKE A DIFFERENCE FUND” after she lost her little brother… With many Hollywood celebrities as fans and promoters, she has managed to expand the business to a big success.  Let’s bring together bibs, … Continue reading

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