Bauhaus baby!

Bauhaus aesthetics for babies, children, and even grownups!   Playing with shapes and colors inspiring the little ones to “build” colorful structures since they are already the best architects of the future! Of course, the creators of the company are Swiss, and you can find them here:  click !    TIP: and don’t be ashamed to … Continue reading

Emotional furniture?

A new concept of furniture is on the rise! This furniture “promises” to interact emotionally with you and your kids… Emotional furniture that is! These can be used as lounge chairs, that can be hugged, layed on in order to have a relaxed moment, and transformed to almost anything you choose…. Just name it! This product is so new that it can be … Continue reading

We love color!

The designer Pia Eriksson from Sweden created a super colorful line of toys, blankets and lots of useful newborn items. They are carefully designed to be safe and to stimulate the a baby’s senses.  Most of all though, these are so cute that you simply cannot resist them! This is my pick for my friend Anna … Continue reading

Sweet dreams with style!

Magical pajamas that “transform” our kids (2-8yrs) to super chic heroes and little princesses in a unique way… Parts of the stories that inspired the designs are also written on them together with their magical storyboards! Have a look and you will fall in love with the fairytales (again)….  Ce que je voeu They make you dream! The … Continue reading

Color, Color, Color!

A “farm” of minimal colorful little animals that can be transformed into a chair, a table, steps to brush their teeth, a “secret cave”, a “boat”, or anything else you can imagine… I’m so thrilled! These objects don’t make any scratches on the floor when they move, don’t leave stains, are beautiful, practical, and so colroful that can just make your day!   … Continue reading

Handmade heaven!

Girls (of every age, including you of course!) will LOVE all those handmade bags, accessories, hats, etc we have found! Again, a super mom that decided to stay at home after her baby came along, made a whole collection of her handmade treasures! A vintage chic version of all the pink-ish elements you can imagine, can … Continue reading

Pillow wars with style!

Since we got rid of the super-hero eating plates, what do you say we throw away those super-hero pillows from your kids room, and replace them with well-designed ones that will make you smile?…..and why not add some to your living room too! A super-mom has designed them and used the phrase ” big designs for little dreamers”… on her site! … Continue reading

When food becomes art!

What would you say if instead of the usual plates with boring superheroes all over them, your little ones could eat on small pieces of art? Plates with clever quotes, amazing images, and full of colors… Plates that fit nicely next to your normal dishware and make you proud of your taste! Nice idea …ha? Find them here : click clack  

Kids go Green!

If this generation doesn’t start thinking green, then what generation will? Lets inspire these kids, shall we? Green stylish toys with a strong architectural concept! With toys like these all over the, maybe we will not be as demanding for them to put them away… hehehe Find them here:  click

No more boring tupperware!

With so elegant lunchboxes like these from Skip hop, there is no excuse for you to use tupperware again! A fruit and a yummy sandwich in this cute monkey bag, and your kid is ready to go (and just for 13$)! Superb! monkey lunchboxes

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